Why use the voice and music of Dale Baglo™ in all your advertising... radio spots and
television commercials?
It's simple!


Yes friends, all across America folks are enjoying lemony-fresh Dale Baglo™ voiced radio commercials and television narrations! Why, folks everywhere are discovering greater radio listening satisfaction. You see, the secret is in the remarkable new
VelveTronic filter, which safely removes all the harmful frequencies and leaves only pure listening enjoyment!

As a result, you get silky syllables consisting of only the finest quality crisply elecuted consonants sandwiched between velvety vowel sounds. Be sure to include a Dale Baglo™ commercial in your radio diet at least once a day to keep yourself feeling invigorated
and alert!

And remember, a Dale Baglo™ composed music score makes a swell addition to your radio and television advertising, making it bouncier and more manageable. Call Dale Baglo™ today.
That's D-A-L-E - B-A-G-L-O. Ask for him by name!